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Competitive Advantage

Our Human Resource

Outstanding consulting service requires the right knowledge, skills, attitude and abilities. Our people are our asset and our answer to the clients’ needs. The Company spares no e ort to recruit, retain and motivate quality employees. Comprising rst-rate engineers, technicians, draughtsmen and administrators, our workforce has what it takes to deliver exceptional work. Meanwhile, the Company is dedicated to realising long-term professional upgrading and career growth for our sta ers by way of training sessions and workshop.

Our Innovation Drive

In taking client requirements to the project level, we need to make optimal use of our innovative capacities to provide efficient solutions, to overcome obstacles and to achieve best possible results. Each project has its unique technical, environmental, financial and organisational conditions; existing solutions do not always success. At SNA, innovation is a conviction at all levels. We are committed to investing our resources, time and energy to pursue new and better ways of fulling our tasks.

Our Technology Edge

Championed by our director Ir. Low Wuu Shin and the Company’s technical personnel, computer competence has been built as an integral part of our engineering process, rather than as a support function. Over the years, the Company has embraced computers and CAD technology, investing in software for data collection, technology input, analysis and compilation. The application of computer-aided design, draughting, modelling and digital backup is an integral part of our service as we chart the way forward.We are using the following engineering software, among others, to provide industry-leading solutions:


Competitive Advantage