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Civil Engineering


The world is increasingly demanding fast response to its momentum toward progress and more effectiveness in undertaking smart and sustainable civil construction projects.

From providing expert advice on project design, planning and management; through compiling assessment, drawings, plans, schedules and costings; to nalising construction plans, monitoring site activities, meeting compliance requirements and solving issues and problems, we focus on delivering top-notch civil engineering solutions that answers today’s needs.

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Civil Engineering


Employment of advanced computerised analysis ensures that all earthwork platform levels are designed to minimise or eliminate imported fill or excess cut in a time-efficient manner, while earthwork movement is being meticulously planned. Meanwhile, retention measures are designed to prevent siltation and pollution of the surrounding area.

Civil Engineering


Compliance with statutory and public safety standards is assured with all due professional care when it comes to designing and planning of roads and drains. Existing and alternative accesses to the project sites are thoroughly analysed, while drains are designed to effectively prevent flooding upstream, within the site and downstream.

Civil Engineering


Working with reputable turnkey sewage treatment plant contractors, we undertake wastewater assessment, and supervise the design, building and maintenance of treatment systems in line with existing public sewer lines. We are responsible for preparing detail design and contract documents pertaining to sewerage planning, while providing management with specialist input.

Civil Engineering


We generate water supply solutions based on full investigation of available water sources, taking into consideration the technical, ecological and economic aspects based on guidelines of the authorities. As an adviser on the planning, design and management of water supply solutions, we ensure that regulatory requirement is fully addressed.

Civil Engineering


Independent checks are conducted on other consultants’ designs to provide third-party assessment on behalf of our clients. We provide detailed reports on the findings, which include a declaration on the safety aspects pertaining to the design and construction. Recommendation will be made to rectify any design faults or construction defects.